Don Giovanni



“Wundervoll lodernde Farben bringt Jennifer Feinstein als Donna Elvira in den äußerst spannenden musikalischen Abend.”

“Jennifer Feinstein brings wonderfully blazing colors as Donna Elvira into the extremely exciting musical evening.”

“Und wie die zu einer Fallstudie wankelmütiger Weiblichkeit entfaltete Figur der Elvira (einnehmend: Jennifer Feinstein), die nicht wirklich von ihrem Liebeswahn lassen will, sogar als ihr Idol den Koffer vor die Tür stellt und mit Geldscheinen wedelt.”

“And like the figure of Elvira (captivating: Jennifer Feinstein), unfolded in a case study of fickle femininity, who doesn't really want to let go of her delusions of love, even when her idol puts her suitcase in front of the door and waggles banknotes."

“Warum ist Donna Elvira so auf Don Giovanni fixiert? Jennifer Feinstein singt die koloraturenreiche Partie voll dramatischer Wucht. Sie stellt eine gestandene Geschäftsfrau dar, die von diesem einen Mann besessen ist.”

“Why is Donna Elvira so fixated on Don Giovanni? Jennifer Feinstein sings the colorful part full of dramatic force. She depicts a seasoned businesswoman who is possessed by this one man."

"Jennifer Feinstein als Elvira machen die Sympathien nicht schwer, in einer rollengerechten Beschattung vom Lyrischen zum Hochdramatischen.”

“Jennifer Feinstein as Elvira does not make sympathies difficult, in the role suitably shadowing from the lyrical to the highly dramatic.”

“Donna Elvira (mit durchschlagendem, dramatischem Sopran: Jennifer Feinstein), die ihm, übrigens bis nach seinem sehr irdischen Tod verfallen bleibt.”

“Donna Elvira (with a resounding dramatic soprano: Jennifer Feinstein), who, by the way, remains addicted to him until after his very earthly death."


The Tales of Hoffmann



"Jennifer Feinstein verkörpert Giulietta üppig, selbstbewusst und ihrer Macht über Männer sicher. In schmelzenden Tönen verkauft sie Hoffmann die Lüge, sie würde ihn lieben."

“Jennifer Feinstein embodies Giulietta lusciously, self-confident and secure in her power over men. In melting tones she sells Hoffmann the lie that she would love him.”


Das Wunder der Helaine



“American mezzo Jennifer Feinstein offered a vivid study in warped ambition as the Messenger, acing the role’s Amme-like tessitura.” 

“Equally fascinating was mezzo-soprano Jennifer Feinstein as the Messenger, the Ruler’s cast-off mistress who goaded him on to ever greater acts of cruelty and depravity. In a costume that was equal parts prison matron and flight attendant for a state-owned airline in a former Soviet satellite country (the shiny, blood-red shoes were a perfect touch), her voice blazed with intensity, and the high notes were thrilling.”

“The opera’s supporting players were universally cast from strength, with mezzo-soprano Jennifer Feinstein making a particular impact as the sadistic Messenger; she fearlessly met the role’s punishing tessitura head-on, and crafted a multi-dimensional portrait from a role that is largely formed from stereotype.

“Jennifer Feinstein’s gorgeous mezzo was a triumph in the awkwardly set role of The Messenger."


La Gioconda



"In contrast, the role of Laura sung by Jennifer Feinstein was a debut. The American mezzo-soprano has an extremely sensual, vibrant middle layer with powerful-expressive depth and an unforced, effortlessly flourishing height. Although such comparisons are dangerous, it is understandable why she has already been compared to the young Marilyn Horne in the US." 

Cavalleria Rusticana



"In the "Cavalleria", guest Jennifer Feinstein is an ardent Santuzza. She uses her luscious, sometimes significantly vibrant mezzo to draw the portrait of a woman injured and uncertain, unpredictable in her anger: a youthful Santuzza."





"Feinstein sets the sultry tone early with the Habanera. A mezzo-soprano who can belt out the money notes with ease, she is especially captivating in the lower register. Feinstein's Carmen is by turns earthy and passionate, brooding and fearful, and can make even an innocuous scene shine."


Don Giovanni



"As Elvira, Jennifer Feinstein was a comic delight. There is a danger in this role of playing the character's jilted anger with too much intensity. However, Feinstein avoided that pitfall, allowing us to see how Elvira still cared for Don Giovanni despite all of his treachery. Her deadpan delivery as she pronounced her intention to retire to a convent drew one of the warmest laughs of the evening."


Un Giorno di Regno



"Jennifer Feinstein, as the Marchesa of Poggio ... is believably befuddled by all the flummoxing.  A mezzo of enormous range and flexibility, her Marchesa in an attractive, smart woman who turns perplexing circumstances to her own advantage.."

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